The search box you see when creating a new Little Bird report is designed to be the starting point for mapping the network of influencers in a given topical community.

Experiment with creating reports using different topic words or phrases. Topics that will return good results generally are neither too broad (eg, Life) nor too specific (eg, 1978 Toyota Corolla). Interested in photography? CRM? Italian food? Those are examples of searches that will bring back good results.

Don't include search operators like + or " in your search and don't use multiple terms separated by commas. Examples of well-formatted search queries include:

Types of searches that are not likely to return useful results:

  • veganism + "lactose intolerance"
  • data visualization, data science, big data
  • people who blog about being a mom

If you're still having trouble coming up with a search topic, feel free to ask us for suggestions by using our contact form, emailing us at, or instant messaging us by clicking the "Chat with us!" box in the lower right of any page on Little Bird.