WEBINAR: World Class Influencer Engagement with Microsoft's Aileen McGraw


More and better influencer marketing doesn’t have to mean bigger budgets and pricey outreach to glamorous celebrities. Microsoft content strategist Aileen McGraw uses intelligence, energy and Little Bird as she builds campaigns, content and connections with subject matter experts and community leaders online around a wide range of cutting-edge Microsoft initiatives.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Be it hackathons, augmented reality, game developers, or trailblazing educators, Aileen knows how to jump into a community, understand its passions, and infuse its leaders into strategy, stories, and impact.

“Little Bird’s insights are helping our team speak like a living, breathing member of our customer communities,” Aileen says.

In a 30-minute webinar, Aileen talks with Little Bird founder Marshall Kirkpatrick about how she does it. Whether you’re a Little Bird customer or not, this is a great chance to hear directly from an expert at one of the world’s most important brands about how she uses social web research to influence effective influencer and content marketing, even beyond the social web.

Consider it influencer inception!


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Leverage the social web to:
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    Strengthen your product/market fit

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    Identify relevant thought leaders

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    Shape your content strategy

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    Find early trends in your market

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    Engage industry influencers

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    Develop strategic partnerships and increase sales


“I had high expectations for Little Bird. Safe to say they have been exceeded.” 

Matt Heinz, President - Heinz Marketing