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Six Steps to Using Social Data for ABM

Businesses are leveraging Account Based Marketing practices to close deals in their top accounts and social media is a powerful source of intelligence to shape a successful strategy.  Little Bird can help you harness social data for your ABM by identifying a group of people that gather on social around a specific account or role.

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7 Tips to More Effective Little Bird and Twitter Use

As the Customer Success Manager at Little Bird, I help clients understand how to get more out of their Little Bird investment. Here are some easy tips to help you get more out of Little Bird and Twitter.

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Introducing Social Capital from Little Bird

New feature in the Little Bird platform measures your success in building relationships with top influencers online

If you use any form of influencer discovery and engagement in your marketing efforts, you're familiar with the challenge of measuring those efforts in a quantifiable and actionable way.

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4 Ways to Use Network Visualization for Marketing and Intel

When you look beyond the surface of the social web, you can find new layers of insight and opportunity.  In Little Bird, when you map out a network of influencers and experts on a particular topic, one of the ways you can view your data is as a network graph visualization. Data visualization is cool - but what can you use it for?

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Leveraging the Network for Content Discovery: Now Better Than Ever at Little Bird

Little Bird is a powerful, unique, people-first way to find great news and content about your industry or target market - and this week it got even better at finding what’s hot.

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Little Bird offers next generation blog discovery, now that Technorati's classic index is gone

News hit the tech blogs this week that one of the most useful blog discovery tools of the early social media era, Technorati's index, has been shut down. It used to be the place you'd go to find the best blogs on a topic of interest to you.

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