The Only Thing Faster Than Real-Time: Watching the Right People

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Jan 30, 2014 11:26:00 PM

Twitter announced a new partnership today with CNN and a startup called Dataminr, which will deliver breaking news discovered on Twitter to journalists. It looks incredible.

Perhaps the only thing that could be faster than real-time like this is zeroing in on the key sources of new developments before those developments occur. That's what we help you do here at Little Bird: in minutes, easily and reliably. What could be faster than that? I'm not sure.

In news, you can make a really big impact by being the 2nd, or the 10th, or the 20th person in the world to see something, on Twitter for example, and then taking that story out across other media like TV and the web. An automated system like that is really well suited to journalism. (I used lightweight systems like this myself to break a whole lot of news in my previous career.)

But if you're not a journalist, if you're in other businesses doing marketing, sales or research - then you've got a business interest that goes beyond hearing about what's just happened. The very recent past is cool, but finding the place where the future will be born is an incredible competitive advantage.

Here at Little Bird, we believe that the best way to discover where the future of your industry is most likely to emerge, and to be there to co-create it, is not by looking at hundreds of millions of messages posted on the social web - but by looking at the people who are trusted and watched by other experts in your field.

It's not about what people say, it's about who you know. Little Bird helps you find out who to know and then it helps you develop relationships with them, so you can influence the future - not just react to it quickly.

The Little Bird method: finding the people at the center of the graph.


Below: Dataminr's awesome looking methods of analyzing content. As contrasted with Little Bird's method below that.




img via The Verge


Here at Little Bird we've made it easier than ever to use social network data to discover business opportunities before they emerge. You can request access to a trial account here.

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