Recipe: Research a person using Little Bird "Discover Connections"

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Mar 20, 2013 12:41:00 AM

TipsTricks.pngLittle Bird offers lots of different features in the orange Actions menu on each report. One of the most interesting is called Compare. On that page, you can enter anyone's Twitter username and we'll tell you just how connected, and to whom, that person is among leaders on the topic of the report.

Find out who anyone has impacted online - and who they're smart enough to be reading. Little Bird "Discover Connections" is like X-Ray vision into anyone's social capital online.

Here are 3 situations where this can prove useful, perhaps they'll inspire even more in your work.

      • Prep for a sales call can include a quick snapshot of not just how influential the person you're going to talk to is among leaders in their field, but also how savvy they are in knowing about market leaders to follow on Twitter. You can learn about where the people you're going to talk to came from by seeing who the first leaders in their field were to follow them - and you can learn about what kinds of connections they are making most recently, too.
Below: Paul Greenberg's most recent and oldest connections among leaders in the field of CRM.
      • Vetting someone to hire, invest in or do business with can benefit greatly by comparing that person's online presence with a list of leaders in their field. The fastest sale Little Bird ever made was to a startup that had spent weeks vetting a hire that we were able to demonstrate in five minutes was in fact super-connected in her field. Likewise, investors considering engagement with startups may appreciate seeing just how closely the people they're looking at are paying attention to the state of the art leaders in their fields.
      • Considering attending an industry conference? Check out just how influential the speakers really are among leaders in their field.
Below: Paul Greenberg knows and is known in CRM.


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