Recipe: Create a targeted Twitter advertising campaign using Little Bird

Posted by Danish Aziz on Apr 9, 2013 12:33:00 AM

While Little Bird provides a number of tools that allow you to learn from and authentically engage with influencers, sometimes getting your message in front of a relevant audience is paramount. In that case, being as targeted as possible with your paid media will help you get the most bang for your buck.

Little Bird relies in no small part on data gleaned from Twitter. It's no surprise then that some of our users are taking that data back into Twitter as part of their targeted advertising campaigns. As impact studies on both business-to-business and consumer examples have shown, audiences who are exposed to brand tweets are more likely to visit brand sites, more likely to consider these brands/products, and overall more likely to purchase or convert. But don't waste your money haphazardly sending ads to Twitter users at random. Use Little Bird to shape your Twitter ad campaigns to reach the right people.

You know you want your messages to reach specific audiences that will also become your followers on Twitter. Use Little Bird to quickly identify the most relevant influencers in topics related to your market, and then earmark those influencers in your Twitter ad campaigns to put your ads directly in front of people like their followers—the people most likely to engage with you, your products, and your brand.

Need more info?

Just like we do when we want to learn more about any topic, we turn to Little Bird to learn more about the debate on the future of digital advertising. Now we're following online ad leaders that Little Bird tells us command the attention of their peers like Interactive Ad Bureau CEO @r2rothenberg, Rubicon Project CEO @FrankAddante, CMO @karaweber, AppNexus CEO @bokelley, and Bazaarvoice SVP @aripap.

Diving deeper, we use our own custom search engine of leading digital advertising influencer blogs to uncover articles like @ajcohn's provocative post where he claims: "Twitter will steal Facebook’s bacon and become the most powerful brand advertising platform on the planet."

Ready to get started?

Below is our step-by-step guide on how you can use Little Bird to target contextually relevant Twitter users around any given topic, as some of our customers—like performance storage startup Whiptail—have done, to help deliver your ads to the most relevant people.

Step 1

Determine the topical community you'd like to advertise to and build a Little Bird report on that topic (e.g. "data storage").

Step 2

Go to Twitter Advertising, if you've never advertised with Twitter before you may have to request access.

Step 3

If you have a geographic focus, start off by setting the area you'd like to target with your ads.


Step 4

Using key influencers identified from your Little Bird report, enter their Twitter handles into the text field next to the "Browse Categories" button. By identifying people with contextual influence around a given topic, you can reach people with the same interests as the followers of that influencer (like the similar audiences feature from AdWords). Note that users like your own followers are also targeted by default.

Step 5: Optional

Limit targeting by gender or to specific devices and platforms. Choose whether you want to target women, men, or both. For those of you hooked on the "mommy blogger" demographic, don't skip this step! You can also target desktops and laptops, phones and tablets, or even specific operating systems.

Step 6

Decide whether you want to promote a specific tweet, or just want to publicize your Twitter account to gain more followers to fuel your engagement. Then set your daily budget, as well as a bid "per engagement" or "per follow" depending on whether you choose to promote a specific tweet or a specific account. If you choose to promote a tweet, an "engagement" occurs when a user clicks on, retweets, @replies to, or favorites your Promoted Tweet.

Step 7

Last but not least, pay Twitter for your ad campaign by entering your credit card info and hitting continue. You're now on your way to a highly targeted social media advertising campaign. Be sure to check your advertiser analytics to measure your performance and adjust as necessary!


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