Meet the Top 1000 Community Managers on Twitter, Globally

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Jan 29, 2013 12:57:00 AM

Little Bird found the Community Managers that are most-watched by their peers, other Community Managers.

Today is the 4th annual observance of a fun event called Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD). Those hard working, public-facing, anger-catching, remedial-question answering, opportunity illuminating angels from heaven deserve their own day!

As we transition from a cold, impersonal, mass-production, one-way-broadcast industrial economy into a world where sales people give you more information not less, where everyone has an important public voice and where empathy is increasingly understood as a social and business imperative, not a form of insanity - the world needs more great Community Managers!

Here at Little Bird, our technology maps out any online community (today on Twitter and blogs, tomorrow - the world!), figures out who the members of those communities are most paying attention to, then provides tools for engaging with those people and their content. We ran a couple of Little Bird reports on Community Managers due to the occasion and CMAD founder Jeremiah Owyang graciously included some stats and analysis from our reports in his annual blog post about the day! It's a good post and Jeremiah is a great source on this and many other cutting edge social media and business matters.

We don't want to reproduce what Jeremiah posted on his blog, so we thought we'd just introduce the top 500 Community Managers globally and the top 500 in Europe here in this post using Twitter's List Embed function.

WordPress doesn't want to let me show two widgets on one page, so here's the list for top 500 Community Managers in Europe.

Here's a rough map of where the people in the Global set are located.

Here's a few additional and fun details:

  • How are these lists built? Little Bird spiders out to find the network of social connections among thousands of community managers. Then we calculate which community managers command the most attention from their network peers. Finally, we sort the network and return the top 500 validated by their fellow community managers.
  • How did we put them all in these Twitter lists? That's one of the Export options that Little Bird business subscribers get with their subscription. Discovering, vetting and putting all these people into lists took about 10 minutes. Thinking about how to engage with them, what content to create based on this influencer discovery, that took several hours. Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing high-value creative work, instead of clicking a bunch of links? Let our robots click the links for you!
  • What else can Little Bird do? Imagine doing this analysis about your target market or community. Whether that's Action Sports, youth nutrition, aeronautics or wine - if there's a connected community on Twitter and blogs about your topic of interest - Little Bird can find it, map it, rank it, let you search inside it, see its hottest news each day and more.
  • What's your relationship with all these community managers? If you're already a Little Bird user, you can visit the Compare pages here US or here Europe and learn about your existing connections and your next opportunities to roll with the big dogs in this particular community. No Little Bird account? You can sign up to request access to one in the next days or weeks here.
  • Want a well-written, short introduction to the finer points of community marketing? One of the hottest links among top community managers today (detecting that is something else we do) was this great Slideshare from Microsoft/Yammer's Maria Ogneva, The Community Management Playbook.


Below: View a big image of the 50 leading peer-validated community managers who've been on Twitter the longest! Hail to the veterans in our field!


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