Meet 2014's Top 100 Community Managers on Twitter

Posted by Shelby LaCroix on Jan 24, 2014 11:29:00 PM

Community Manager Appreciation Day (CMAD) 2014 is upon us! This year, in celebration of #CMAD2014 (yes, that’s the official hashtag!) My Community Manager has teamed up with Hootsuite and a handful of other community-oriented companies to celebrate the all-stars who keep our social networks running smoothly.They’ve collectively organized 24 hours of live hangouts, to begin on January 27, 2014 beginning at 00:00 EST (05:00 GMT). They’ll also be announcing 8 unique awards to peer-nominated community managers across several different categories.

Here at Little Bird, we think the inspiration behind CMAD is awesome! It’s all about practitioners celebrating their own—with results much like Little Bird finds by analyzing real human activities in context and the peer-to-peer relationships those activities build. For the second year in a row, we decided to put our Little Bird discovery engine to good use for CMAD, to further uncover and recognize the most connected community managers of today.

We used Little Bird to discover the widest possible online network of community managers, with the intention of sharing another lens through which we all can identify and celebrate this thriving community. We then trimmed our list to remove the companies and organizations, leaving just the humans who represent the top 100 community managers most followed by their peers. The result: 100 awesome people engaging communities on social media from all over the planet! We hope to see some insightful overlap between the community managers in this Little Bird report and CMAD’s nominees and award winners.

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Little Bird’s influence ratings are based solely on the level of interconnection that topical insiders have with their peers, rather than an abstract measure of intrinsic value. These insiders are those who have built up sufficient peer recognition through their own personal engagement on social media with the other insiders in their community.

Visualization_Resize.png Little Bird Community Managers Network Visualization

We also recognize that many community managers devote a lot of their online energies to brand accounts, and their personal identities might not always benefit from the same attention. To those who were not represented on our report: We encourage everyone to give some love to your own social presence online. With all that you have to teach us, we’d all love to hear from you personally, too!

There’s much knowledge to be gleaned from these savvy folks on the front lines of social media marketing and relationship management. Want to take in the CMAD community for yourself? Check out the Community Managers Appreciation Day website to learn about events being hosted around the world in celebration of this day.

Congratulations to Community Managers everywhere for your efforts and hard work—We salute you!

Little Bird's Top 100 2014 Community Managers

Visit our Twitter list to browse all 100 top community managers, read the stream of their Tweets below, and download a feed bundle (OPML file) of the 70 blog feeds we found related to these 100 community managers and import it into your favorite feed reader.


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