Little Bird Announces Product Innovations and Updates

Posted by Julie Zisman on Jan 21, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Today we're excited to announce a full version update to our Influencer Marketing Platform.  Our latest release delivers targeted information for businesses to build smarter marketing around who and what is influencing conversations on Twitter. Customers can expect to see deeper insights from multiple data sources, extended functionality and filtering with topic specific daily alerts about influencers and content. 

Announcement_Blog_Image.jpgFrom Jason Zeiber, Little Bird Head of Product: "Behind every topic or conversation on Twitter, there lies untapped context that can be discovered and analyzed to paint a picture of community and intent. We’ve heard clearly from our market that the ability to break this down into at-a-glance clusters of influence and interest - and to make that information actionable and filterable - is critical to making informed marketing decisions. With the newest Little Bird release, we've expanded upon our social graph analysis to present even more data behind the contextual relationships that form between people and organizations, and the content that they share and validate. It's faster, more powerful, and provides new ways to decipher what's really happening on the social web. We've also redesigned the in-app experience based on research and feedback, to make it even easier for businesses to unlock the context that is so relevant to their tactics and strategies."

Detailed Updates Include:

Expanded Network Creation Options:
When context is critical it's important to analyze a network using the right data source. Now you can create networks from:

  • A topic
  • A keyword or hashtag
  • A curated list of twitter handles (manual entry or csv upload from your CRM or listening platform)
  • A Twitter List
  • An intersection of multiple Little Bird reports, to discover which influencers from one topic are influential or interested in another topic that is important to your business

Enhanced Network Segmentation and Community Visualization:

  • Discover how a network and the things they talk about are broken out into communities
  • Find out what specific communities are talking about through trending hashtag analysis

Powerful Search Functionality

  • Search for specific keywords and refine your focus to specific profiles, articles of content, and clustered sub-communities

People and Companies

  • See in sharper detail how individual people or companies are connected within a network
  • Uncover how central someone is to a community on a topic
  • Filter by community, location, specific relationships or search terms
  • Profile identification of network members on other social networks


  • Discover or search for content mapped to sub-communities, locations or connections.
  • Find a bigger footprint of content with more flexible viewing parameters
  • Share high-performing content, from inside Little Bird

Founder Marshall Kirkpatrick says of this release, “We’re excited to release this whole new version of Little Bird because it’s faster, smarter, and easier to use than ever before. It’s focused on empowering your research and driving more marketing value for brands trying to connect with buyers or change brand perception through engagement with Twitter and blogs. It’s flexible, it’s real-time, and I think our customers are going to love it.” 

With this milestone in place, Little Bird will continue to add robust functionality in the product to help digital and social marketers achieve their business goals. Current customers will be contacted by the Customer Success team and provided with migration options. Other interested parties can request a trial or review detailed product descriptions on our new website's product page.

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