Six Steps to Using Social Data for ABM

Posted by Stephanie Killgore on Sep 29, 2016 5:51:00 PM

Businesses are leveraging Account Based Marketing practices to close deals in their top accounts and social media is a powerful source of intelligence to shape a successful strategy.  Little Bird can help you harness social data for your ABM by identifying a group of people that gather on social around a specific account or role.

A recent Salesforce blog post says that following relevant thought-leaders should be one of the first actions in every ABM project.

Here are 6 steps to leverage thought leadership and Little Bird to build marketing programs to reach your target accounts.

1. Map Your Target Accounts

Discover the social leaders within your target accounts by creating a network in Little Bird. If you haven’t identified target accounts yet start with a target industry. Create a Topic Network by selecting a topic ABMGIF.gifthat matches who you’re trying to find, input the company name or role you’re looking for. For example Unilever or Marketing Manager.

Little Bird also allows you to search for the company name or a job title to identify individuals that mention the term in their Twitter Bio. Many people list their employers in their Twitter bios making this type of network a great resource for you to find your target prospect on social media.

2. Get to know the influencers. 

Now that you’ve identified the accounts and individual social profiles in your Little Bird Network, it’s time to get to know the insiders. In a Little Bird report, insiders are listed based on their Insider Rank, which measures the level of influence in their community, highly influential members of your named account will be listed first.  If you have additional criteria you’d like to apply to find a specific influencer inside an account community, use the advanced filtering tools. These Filters allow you to quickly segment a network by geography, keyword, or total twitter following to quickly find influencers who fit your ABM goals. Our customers love that they can search to find a specific job title or interests.

3. Who are you already connected to?

Get to know how the account or industry Insiders are connected to you, your brand handle, or to your competition using the Little Bird Compare feature. It is valuable to know what relationships you already have so that you can leverage and build off of them.

Compare.png4. What is the company talking about? What do they care about?

What is the hot news from the past day or week? Review the trending Content tool to find tweets and blog posts to share in your social streams, gain inspiration for new content, and gather market intelligence. This is a great feature used to gain insights into the topics that are most important to the account Insiders, it allows marketers to build a strategy that resonates with their target account. Little Bird also surfaces which hashtags are trending within the insider network and each community.


5. Identify the insiders most interested in your product.

Little Bird likely discovered a large group of Insiders connected to your target company. It is also  likely that not all of them are appropriate for your ABM strategy so it is valuable to spend time identifying the Insiders that best match your strategy and goals. We suggest creating a new Little Bird network of account insiders you’ve identified to be a good match for your project.

You can also create a network on a topic that relates to what you’re selling - this might be a product category, industry, hobby or job function. This network will act as a signal that if an individual is interested in the topic, they are likely interested in your product. Then create a Network Intersection. For example: Unilever insiders interested in CRM.

The resulting network will include the Insiders from your target account that are the likely to be interested in your product.

6. Engage your target Insiders.

Depending on your strategy, different parts of your organization might use this information in different ways. Executives or sales teams might use Little Bird data to make new connections, nurture relationships and gather market intelligence. While the marketing team might use it for content Screen_Shot_2016-09-29_at_2.14.06_PM.pnginspiration or as a resource to curate content.

The Social Media or Sales teams may also want to earn the attention of the people they’re trying to sell
to. They can do this by engaging with prospects around content, talking about their interests and bringing value to the conversation.

Little Bird offers two notifications, Daily Missions and Alerts, to make this work even easier. Set a Daily Mission to receive an email with one Insider to engage with or follow and three hot stories from the last 24 hours. This is a great way to engage a network around trending topics. Alerts can help sales and marketing teams jump into conversations at the perfect time. Set an Alert on keywords that are relevant to the product or signal great opportunities to join the conversation. Little Bird will email you when an Insider in the network mentions any of the terms you’ve set so you can strike when the iron is hot.

The result of your work in Little Bird is a cohesive sales and marketing program built from insights and research on the individuals being targeted in your ABM strategy.

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