Never Miss Out on Important Influencer Conversations with New Little Bird Alerts!

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Sep 22, 2016 11:20:19 AM

Little Bird today released a powerful new feature for marketers and knowledge workers everywhere: influencer and expert keyword Alerts.  


Like Google Alerts, but focused on a specific group of thought leaders, experts, or influencers you want to monitor, Little Bird Alerts are a powerful way to become a social media power user, faster and easier than ever before.  

The fastest way to build thought leadership online is for you and your company to be present, early, and consistent in engaging well in key conversations with thought leaders. 

For example:

  • Tell me when my target market influencers say my brand’s name in a post on Twitter.
  • Tell me when my sales prospects say something related to my product offering.
  • Tell me when a group of influencers I want to engage with mention something I might respond to. Eg communications consultant Mike Maney works with a self-driving car company focused on safety, so he ran an alert on Autonomous Vehicles influencers and set up an alert for safety related terms. That makes it easy for the company’s executives to engage in important conversations.
  • Tell me when leading experts in a field share content about a topic I’m curating around.

Consultant Mike Maney, for example, says he uses a one-two combo of Twitter's handle-specific mobile push notifications and Little Bird's topic-specific alerts.  "For me, there’s huge power in that," he says. "Set both of those up and all of a sudden you’ve uncovered a treasure trove of conversations I can guarantee you’ve been missing."

How it Works

Screen_Shot_2016-09-21_at_6.29.35_PM.pngHow do you use it? Just create a Little Bird report on any group of people, like topic influencers, or people who mention a hashtag, or a set of people you upload manually.  

Then, provide one or more keywords you want to monitor that group’s Tweets for. (See screenshot above.) Finally, set your timeframe.  At launch, Little Bird will alert you in intervals as short as 2 hours maximum, or as infrequently as once a day.  In my experience, the 2 hour window is pretty fast: that just means your alerts will always be fresher than 2 hours.

Then, Little Bird will alert you to any time your group of people being monitored mentions one of your keywords.  We’ll send you an email.  Many of us here in the office forward those emails to Slack (right), which makes it really easy to engage with them.

Check it out, let us know if you need any help, and let us know how the new Alerts treat you. I think many of you are going to love them!

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Amazing tool for keeping tabs on thought leaders about anything.

Jay Baer, Strategist and Author 


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