Expert Realizes Her Influence, Decides to Go Indie

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Feb 7, 2013 12:54:00 AM

susan-scrupskilkdThe expert other experts trust the most takes a look in the mirror of her social graph and changes course.

Austin-based social business thought leader Susan Scrupski announced today that she has left her position with agency 7Summits and is going independent. Scrupski's job change is particularly notable because she is the world's leading expert in the exploding field of Social Business, according to the automated analysis of the social business community on Twitter performed by the community-mapping technology of Little Bird. Little Bird maps existing community connections around any topic and helps businesses discover and engage with key topic influencers and experts.

Whenever a key thought leader in a red-hot industry sector makes a job change, it's newsworthy. When it's the #1 person in what's arguably the hottest field in business right now, that's big news.

Scrupski cited Little Bird's analysis in her announcement of the move, writing that "the good news is I can rest on a big data set of evidence that supports my ability to influence the conversation on what is happening in Social Business."

"According to [Little Bird's analysis], I occupy the #1 position among the top 500 insiders on Social Business. Now, before everyone unfollows me on Twitter, I’ll qualify that by saying, what Little Bird does is something analogous to Google page rank. It’s not that I’m the brainiest or most knowledgeable person in Social Business, it means that the most knowledgeable and brainy experts in Social Business are connected to me. And there are a lot of them! I celebrate every expert in this category and wish only for continued success of everyone in the space. That actually includes the vendors. Hence, you can see why I feel the need to maintain an independent voice in the market."

Scrupski says her aim is to do something next that truly changes the world. She knows that the relationships she's built online are a key enabler in making those dreams a reality. Susan already has those connections; other participants online use Little Bird to identify targets for relationship building, for scaling their social efforts and for assessing the connections they already have.

We would like to encourage (perhaps only a little tongue-in-cheek) the world's leading experts in other fields to consider their options as well. Merv Adrian in Big Data? Chris Paton in Health Informatics. Linda Bustos in eCommerce. These people have options, of course, but day in and day out they're working with the networks they've built to do their work with power. Finding, building and leveraging professional connections is an incredible source of power that can be amassed in new ways thanks to social media, networks and business. Susan Scrupski is a very high-profile, leading example of a growing trend that will touch almost every business in the world.

We wish you the greatest success leveraging that incredible social network you've built to change the world, Susan! The social business web is cheering for you.

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