Customer Story: How Codiscope is Using Influencer Data to Shape Content and Advertising Strategy

Posted by Stephanie Killgore on Sep 23, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Codiscope creates developer tools that help build and deploy secure code faster. The tools teach developers the security skills they need to detect and resolve security issues before they make it to production.

In May 2016, Codiscope launched Jacks, its newest developer product. This free tool analyzes cloud-based repositories and provides expert security best practices and downloadable patches. The Marketing team selected Little Bird to:

  • Research the current developer community
  • Grow awareness of Jacks, and the Codiscope brand
  • Find influencers relevant to their product offering
  • Increase engagement between influencers and the brand both on and offline
  • Grow their social media followers
  • Identify an audience to target with social advertising


Codiscope was quickly up and running in the Little Bird platform and using the tools to support several different initiatives. Erin Stephan, Product Marketing Manager, calls Little Bird her “little buddy,” in projects ranging from market research, product launch, social advertising, content curation, PR, and branding.


The Marketing team was new to the Developer community and they needed to create content that would draw attention to their brand. By immersing themselves with hot content from influencers using Little Bird, Codiscope was able create impactful content themselves that allowed them to reach their target audience. To keep a pulse on current content trends, the team used Little Bird data to monitor real time online conversations among thought leaders.

Social Media is an integral part of the Codiscope marketing strategy but they needed to build their social presence with relevant industry thought leaders. They used Intersection networks in Little Bird to find influencers in JavaScript and Nodejs. The team found the right people to connect with, and asked developers within their organization to engage with external influencers by email and Direct Message.


To promote Jacks and drive traffic to the website during product launch, Codiscope used the Twitter Ad platform to create a campaign optimized for website clicks. Using Little Bird data, they quickly identified 3,000+ influencers to establish an audience for the campaign #MEANStack that received a 33% video view rate.

Since starting with Little Bird, Codiscope has also:

  • Increased twitter followers by 400%
  • Built relationships with two major influencers during product launch
  • Increased traffic to the Jacks website
  • Identified opportunities to attend/sponsor industry events and influencers to connect with at each event

With clear success in influencer marketing, Codiscope plans to continue their outreach and engagement with thought leaders to promote Jacks and monitor industry trends.


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