Announcing the Giant Summer Feature Release at Little Bird!

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Jul 31, 2013 12:09:00 AM

If you've seen Little Bird's influencer discovery and engagement technology before today, we're excited to announce that there's a whole lot of awesome new things that just got pushed live this morning that we hope you'll find super valuable for your work every day. Little Bird is Contextual, Educational and Actionable.

If you're a Little Bird customer already, you can start using all these features starting now. If you're still waiting for access to Little Bird, fresh batches of invites are going out this week!

We've built a lot of new tech under the hood, but here's the new stuff most likely to impact your work day:

Above: Team Little Bird hard at work in our new office in downtown Portland, Oregon.
Image edited by David Burn


dailyemailpicDaily mission emails

We're all busy and it's easy to forget to make the time to capture even the lowest hanging fruit in social media engagement each day - so now we're going to send you an email every morning with quick wins you can make in engaging with the leaders in your field. 2 minutes to more social capital, each and every day.

The first version of these emails contain two things: a link to the most influential person in your field that you're not yet following and the hottest news of the day for you to reply to, reshare or at least know about. We've got a whole lot more coming soon but we wanted to start sending these now and test them early.

You'll automatically receive an email from the first report you ran on Little Bird but you can select a different one on your account dashboard. Right now you can only get emails from one report (I know I want more than one, that's coming soon!). Enterprise customers will soon be able to have their admins set a daily email to go out to all members of the company.

We think this is a super exciting way to make it easy to build your social capital online every day.

New Share & Engage Feature

There's a lot happening in your field every day. Here at Little Bird, we believe the most scalable way to stay on top of it is by using trusted experts as your filter for the news.


Formerly our Hot News page (click the orange drop down menu in the top right of any page), our newly named Share & Engage page helps you do just that! You'll find two columns: the hottest links recently shared on Twitter by top influencers in your field and the most recent hot links they've shared. Check the right column for the freshest news and keep an eye on the left column for anything important you've missed and to see what's really on fire among leaders in your field.

New links below each item make it easy to share these links out onto LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. This is your one-stop source for great content to inspire and inform your work and for you to share out across the web. When you share great stuff online, it builds your network of connections and leads directly to more business for you. How do you find such great content to share all the time, your new friends will ask? You can just tell them "a Little Bird told me."

Missed opportunities

On Little Bird's Discover Connections page, you can see just how connected and savvy anyone online is - and you can discover people inside and outside of your online community to connect with.

Now we've got an additional field of data displayed: missed opportunities. This is a ranked list of the most influential people in your field who are already following you on Twitter but whom you're not following back. Follow them - they love you!


Below: Compare results from a report on Startups.


Coming soon: Location targeting

We're very close to releasing a new location feature that will let you discover the most influential experts on a particular topic in a particular place. Let's say you're traveling to Toronto and you want to who the leading people in Cloud Computing are who live there - and perhaps if you're already connected with any of them. That's going to be awesome. Watch this space!

Additionally we've got more data being captured, a brand-new report creation UI and more.

As you take a look at what's new - let us know if anything's unclear, if there's more you'd like, etc.

We're aiming to take Little Bird beyond the initial discovery of influencers and into a place where we can help our users engage with those influencers and their work every single day.

If you're still waiting in line to get access to Little Bird - your invite should arrive soon! We hope you'll love what we're building.

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