Announcing Big Fish by Waggener Edstrom and the brand new Little Bird API

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Mar 7, 2013 12:47:00 AM

This morning Little Bird, along with communications giant Waggener Edstrom and Portland's Tater Tot Designs, are unveiling the first app built on top of the new Little Bird influencer discovery API! We think it turned out great.We hope it's a great showcase for what can be done with Little Bird - get in touch with us if you'd like to talk about using our API for your business (you can email Or do you want to help us sell our API? We've already got overwhelming interest and need to hire sales people now. Email us at the same address. Here's TechCrunch coverage, which is awesome.

With Big Fish, we're going to use our community mapping data and Waggener's huge and savvy promotional muscle to slice the best on-topic people and content out of the overwhelming deluge of information overload at SXSW.

It's called Hey Big Fish, it's live at and what it does is two things:


* Big Fish tells you how you rank among now more than 70K people talking about SXSW on Twitter. We rank people by how much interaction they are receiving from other people participating in conversation about SXSW and especially by the world's leading experts in 30 topics of interest at the event. We recalculate your score every 6 hours. Right now I'm ranked #2403, for example. That might not sound so high, but I've had 58 people in the SXSW community interacting with me in the past few days and it's in the top 3% of 70K. I hope to grow that much higher, but I'm going to have to add a lot of value to community discussion to do it!

* Second, Big Fish shows you a leader board not just of all the participants in the set of 70K (IFC, BuzzFeed, Pure Volume and Taco Bell are leading brands right now - top individuals are people like Dave McClure, Hugh McCleod, designer Kevin Mullet (@kmullett) and entrepreneur Lena West (@lenawest) --- but we also break out the top influencers participating in SXSW around 30 different topics - from space to web design to content strategy to community management.

You might only be interested in Health Tech, for example, and so if you visit our Health Tech page you'll see which experts in that field are getting the most traction at SXSW and see what that community is most excited about (like a "Techmeme for Health Tech or Topic X at SXSW" type thing.)

Incidentally, people say that Space is going to be a hot topic this year because of Elon Musk's keynoting - the space geeks making the biggest waves leading up to SXSW are: NASA's Peter Edmonds (@peterdedmonds), Raytheon's Stephanie L. Schierholz @schierholz and astronomer Nicole Gugliucci. (@NoisyAstronomer)

Community managers are super-represented at the event, we can see that from the data already. The Community Management specialist getting the most traction in the past few days among SXSW community members is Jillian Jackson (@oneJillian) followed by HuffPo's Tim McDonald (@tamcdonald) then the fabulous Jeremiah Owyang rounds out the top 3.

The app looks great on any mobile device, so we hope you'll check it out throughout the week in Austin.

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