Introducing: 30 Days of Artificial Intelligence in 30 Different Fields

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Aug 1, 2016 8:22:48 AM

In a month-long series of blog posts, Little Bird will highlight influential people and possible scenarios in 30 different fields poised to be impacted by artificial intelligence.

“The business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast,” technology author Kevin Kelly recently wrote in Wired. "Take X and add [artificial intelligence] AI. This is a big deal, and now it’s here.

Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_8.04.14_AM.pngAfter decades of research in fits and starts, there have been some fundamental breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, made possible by Internet scale data and processing power, that are now positioned to intersect with almost every industry and domain, changing them in important ways.  Some outcomes could be very good. Some could be very bad.

What will that look like - and who’s paying attention?  We set out to find the people who are leading experts and influencers in industries as varied as education, robotics, food tech, finance, and biology - who are also closely watching the world of artificial intelligence.  Influencer discovery and analysis is what we do here at Little Bird.  

A Little Bird map of the world of artificial intelligence, as you can see above, analyzes the connections between people and organizations following one another on Twitter, and finds a variety of different subcommunity clusters.  Over the next 30 days we'll be looking at clusters of influencers and experts across a wide range of other topics - and we'll see who in those topics is paying the most attention to AI's possible impacts in their field.  The ability to analyze intersections of influence, interest, and expertise across topics is one of the things that makes Little Bird's influencer discovery uniquely powerful.

Tuesday, August 2nd:  Food Tech + AI

Wednesday, August 3rd: 3D Printing + AI

Thursday, August 4th: Money + AI

Friday, August 5th: Mobile technology + AI

Tuesday, August 9th: Cloud computing + AI

Next: Renewables, Genomics, Blockchain, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles, Nanotechnology

Robotics, Drones

Want to see a great example?  Tomorrow we'll highlight food tech influencers paying close attention to AI and there's no better example than Marius Robles, the co-founder and CEO of Reimagine Food, a Barcelona-based research firm and incubator focused on the future of food.

We used TCS futurist Frank Diana’s list of combinatorial exponential technologies as our inspiration for our list of topics.  Diana’s contention is that any of these 30+ technologies, from big data to 3D printing, could have exponential impacts on society - but when they come together, things get really interesting.  For example, the rise of autonomous vehicles will cause a decline in human organs available for transplant... which could cause an increase in demand for synthetic biology.  That’s just one intersection of combinatorial exponential technologies.

What might all these intersections of ideas bring that’s good? What risks should we be aware of? How might AI change day-to-day life in each of these fields?

For example…

In 3D printing: rapidly produced small 3D printed airplanes, navigated by artificial intelligence, could learn how to take off and land all on their own, navigating through obstacles and environmental conditions for defense or commercial uses.  

On the other hand, in food tech: food distribution systems could become increasingly powerful thanks to AI - and increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks on their essential algorithms.  

Using Little Bird’s social network analysis for influencer and expert discovery, we found influential people in 30 different topics and zeroed in those whose online networks intersected most with the world of artificial intelligence.  

Then, with a combination of interviews with these influencers and crowdsourced research, we’ve drawn from expert opinion to sketch out some different scenarios, good and bad, that could emerge over the next 5 to 10 years as AI impacts all these different parts of our lives.  

How big are these changes likely to be?  How likely are the different scenarios to come true?  This is where we’ll combine expert opinion and your thoughts, series readers, using a structured 1-10 rating system inspired by a classic foresight research method called Incasting, analyzed through a crowdsourced probabalistic analysis.  Participate in that rating survey and we’ll update you with the aggregate scores our community estimated on the impact and likelihood of various scenarios.  We’ll also share with you our data about the most influential people in any of these 30 topics.

Throughout the series, we’ll be pointing to rich resources for ongoing monitoring of trends and opportunities in this field.  Not just in topical influencers but also media worth watching to help synthesize all the information available.  Where their works are already published, we’ll point you to great AI journalism from people like Jack Clark at Bloomberg, Popular Science's Dave Gershgorn, and WSJ Google reporter Alistair Barr.  This is something we'll hear more and more about across the media in the coming months and years; the Wall St. Journal has a job posted for a new big data and artificial intelligence beat reporter, for example.

Finally, at the end of the blog series, we’ll compile all the influencer data, all the scenarios, all the reader feedback on possible futures, and we’ll make that collection available as an eBook for download - brought to you by Little Bird, the best influencer discovery and research technology on the market.


Interested?  Starting tomorrow, here’s the first week’s schedule of topics:

Tuesday, August 2nd:  Food Tech + AI

Wednesday, August 3rd: 3D Printing + AI

Thursday, August 4th: Money + AI

Friday, August 5th: Mobile technology + AI

Tuesday, August 9th: Cloud computing + AI

Next: Renewables, Genomics, Blockchain, IoTAutonomous Vehicles, Nanotechnology


On your right, near the top of this page, you’ll find a box to enter your email to subscribe to the full series.  I hope you’ll join us for this deep dive into AI, the future, and online influence.  It’s going to be exciting. 

We hope you'll join us for this look into the future of some very important topics, and we hope you'll take a look at Little Bird, a technology that many of the largest companies in the world use to find the most influential people and emerging trends in their industries.

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