5 Ways to grow your social business power using Little Bird's Discover Connections tool

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Dec 18, 2012 1:13:00 AM

Once we've mapped out the top people in any field online, Little Bird offers a number of tools for engaging with those leaders in your field of interest. One of the most interesting is our Compare page (now renamed Discover Connections).You can now find this feature in the orange menu labeled Tools on each report.

Enter any Twitter username on that page and Little Bird will show you the connections between that person and the list of industry leaders we discovered.

What can you do with that information? A lot. Here are 5 things we've done here at Little Bird, or helped some of our customers do, in order to grow our businesses.

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You can follow along with these steps once you've got a Little Bird login - try comparing yourself, your company or your competitors to our report on leaders in the Startup community.

1. Find new leaders to follow

Enter your own Twitter handle and Little Bird will tell you which leaders in the field you're not following yet. Click to follow them and you'll be subscribed to their messages in your stream. They'll receive a notification that you did. Your Twitter stream will help you stay up-to-date with the top developments in your industry, quickly and efficiently, with the addition of the top people in the field. That means you'll be informed about key developments faster and smarter than other people.


For example: This is the simplest way to use Compare and everyone who visits the page does this!

2. Create an influencer engagement game plan

Little Bird will show you a ranked list of the top people in a field who are not yet following you. You can take a look at what they're talking about online, add value to their conversations (try using the Search tool in your report for fast research into ways you can add value to discussion) and see if you can flip them from not following into new followers of what you post. With each new connection you earn, you'll be developing relationships with the top people online in your field. Those people can deliver new opportunities, leads, actionable insights and more through your connections.

For example: Little Bird users leverage the Compare page like this when they have time to build strong relationships with key people in preparation to reach out to them later. That kind of well-developed relationship, highly targeted and based on a history of adding value, means you can reach out without it being a "cold call."


3. Discover your freshest connections

When you enter your Twitter username in Little Bird, at the bottom of the page you'll see a list of the most recent influencers in the topic of your report to have begun following you. This is a great place to focus your engagement and strengthen new relationships - these are industry leaders for whom you're at the top of their minds.

For example: This feature is used primarily by Little Bird users focused on developing a few strong relationships with leaders in an industry, not on just initiating a wide range of connections.

4. Find top people to reach out to by DM

Have a question about something? Need some high-powered help? Little Bird's compare page shows you the top people in any field who are following you on Twitter - and that means you can send those people a private, Direct Message. Direct Messages are a powerful way to get someone's attention, it's like calling them on the telephone, and Little Bird will help you remember who the top people in your field are that you can message. Here at Little Bird, we often DM top people with requests for email or phone conversations about specific projects we're working on. It works really well; don't let the relationships you've already built online sit underutilized!

For example: Little Bird users looking for introductions into large organizations, like media companies, run reports on those organizations - or on their own companies' names - and cross reference to see who they already know and can reach out to. I did this when Little Bird launched and I wanted to get coverage in Fastcompany. (It worked well, I was connected to someone there that helped me talk to a reporter on staff that wrote a very nice article.) We've advised other companies using Little Bird to do the same thing.

5. Research someone else's connections

Want to know just how connected someone is in a particular industry? Want to know who their latest, or oldest connections are? (That will show you what they've been thinking about and where they came from.) Little Bird's Compare page isn't just for learning about your own connections - you can put anyone's Twitter name in that page and learn about their connections online. Who don't they know about in their field yet? They might appreciate an introduction being made.


Those are some of the ways we and other Little Bird users have found value in the Compare page. That's just one of several different tools for gaining the upper hand in social business that come with every Little Bird report.

We hope you enjoy and find loads of business value in these power tools for hacking the social graph! It's still early in the game, there's no better time to start seizing competitive advantage than now.

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