7 Tips to More Effective Little Bird and Twitter Use

Posted by Molly Hart on Jul 29, 2015 12:32:00 PM

As the Customer Success Manager at Little Bird, I help clients understand how to get more out of their Little Bird investment. Here are some easy tips to help you get more out of Little Bird and Twitter.

3 Best Practices to Support Product Launches with Influencer Marketing

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Jul 21, 2015 6:07:00 AM

Apple makes huge product launch announcements.  They’re hinted at, but veiled in secrecy until the last minute, and they’re incredibly well produced. They're enough to make anyone launching a product swoon with envy.  Of course the products are super cool, too.

That's not all that Apple does, though - there's one last thing! In between and after those announcements, Apple does something a little less flashy: they read and engage with the top Apple community blogs.  They email the bloggers, they appear on their podcasts, Apple execs, developers and designers follow the top independent Apple influencers on Twitter. They get feedback and respond, in their communications and in their product development.  It’s a two way exchange.   It could be more so, but that’s from the most valuable company in the world.

Forrester’s Kim Celestre puts half the story simply, in terms any company can appreciate, last fall: "Influencer engagement programs can be highly effective for achieving social reach objectives because they help spread a brand's messages through influencers' well-established connections.” 

In Apple's case, it's not just about size of audience - it's about credibility and loyalty, too.

If you want to leverage the connections that market influencers have built for themselves, in support of your product launch or other announcement, here are three best practices to consider.

Rise of the Digital Evangelist

Posted by Julie Zisman on Jul 14, 2015 6:13:00 AM

Do you like to speak publicly or just type publicly? Perhaps a new or slightly different role is in your future. Looking at one Twitter Chat calendaring service, I counted a 170 tweet chats tomorrow.  On my business calendar on any given day, I have at least 2 social networking events, each running an hour.  Podcasts, Chats, Google Hangouts, LinkedIn Groups and blogs are all avenues that I have to pay attention to. Sounds like a pretty full day, but as a marketer for a small business, I can only afford to spend so much time joining conversations. But maybe that’s a strategy to be reconsidered.

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