Defining challenge of the future: Crap on the Internet

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Apr 21, 2015 6:12:00 AM


(Image: The sub-communities of Social Business, explained at end of post.)

There's a real backlash going on around low-quality "content marketing" crap on the internet. Chris Brogan issued a moving call to arms that's worth reading.

"The old (or misguided) mindset of 'stuff all kinds of posts into the stream' is no longer welcome here," Brogan wrote in a good blog post about how we're putting the whole opportunity of content marketing at risk because "we (I’m blaming you, but I’ll say we to be polite) have been delivering junk content."

Follow me? Influence isn't just a number.

Posted by Julie Zisman on Apr 7, 2015 6:04:00 AM

I just read this article Still Missing Out?! The Simple Twitter Growth Approach All Influencers Use touting “the Follow-Unfollow Strategy." While there’s no post name it was attributed to Susanna Gebauer by Jonathan Gebauer in the linked article.

4 Ways to Use Network Visualization for Marketing and Intel

Posted by Marshall Kirkpatrick on Mar 20, 2015 6:00:00 AM

When you look beyond the surface of the social web, you can find new layers of insight and opportunity.  In Little Bird, when you map out a network of influencers and experts on a particular topic, one of the ways you can view your data is as a network graph visualization.  You may have seen this feature and thought: that looks awesome, but what do I do with it?  Here are some things we've seen marketers and market researchers find success doing with this tool.

tst_michaelbrito"You (at Little Bird) don't need to worry about competitors, no one else has anything like this. This looks incredible."
Michael Brito
Global leader in Advocate Marketing

KATIE DELAHAYE PAINE"The best new thing in measurement."
Katie Delahaye Paine
CEO, Paine Publishing

Mark Cuban"This is a game changer for social media intelligence."
Mark Cuban

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