Little Bird has been acquired by Sprinklr!

Today we’re excited to announce that Little Bird is taking the company’s technology and know-how to its next stage: as a part of Sprinklr, the most complete social media engagement platform for the enterprise.

Little Bird’s acquisition by Sprinklr will enable us to be part of a story of enterprises shifting toward scalable learning for competitive advantage: learning about their customers, learning about those who influence their customers, and learning about important conversations early, thanks to analysis of data.

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Why Influencers? They are experts whose ideas
and actions shape the opinion of like-minded buyers.


Scalable Word of
Mouth Marketing

Influencers aren’t just celebrities who have millions of followers. They can be people who are influential because they have expertise in a topic. When these experts talk about products and services, people listen. In fact a recent study found that 49% of Twitter users said they rely on recommendations from influencers. By partnering with influencers on your marketing strategy and execution, you generate more qualified digital traffic.



Understanding the eco-system of people and content surrounding influencers gives you the data you need to significantly increase engagement around your brand. You can curate content for social channels, create content led by influencer trends, build community with like-minded people, identify new prospects, and guide Twitter ad campaigns. When leveraged effectively and consistently it can double your engagement results.


Faster Trend

Influencers often get access to important information well before the general market. By monitoring the connections and content in close-knit social communities, you can see trends emerge 3-6 months ahead of the market. This advance notice can shape your go-to-market strategy and product plans. Influencers often act as market advisors and help to define the ways that buyers want to experience your company's products and services, delivering a competitive advantage.


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With Little Bird, we were able to discover peer validated influencers for multiple business areas in less than 15 minutes.

Dustin Luther, Director of Engagement


I had high expectations for Little Bird. Safe to say they have been exceeded.

Matt Heinz, President - HEINZ MARKETING


Little Bird is a great partner to our business and helps us achieve our marketing goals. 

Bart Casabona, Director of Social 


Amazing tool for keeping tabs on thought leaders about anything.

Jay Baer, Strategist and Author