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The difference between Little Bird and other technologies is how they identify influencers. The result is fast and accurate.”
Katie Delahaye Paine
CEO, Paine Publishing

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Build Social Influence to Drive Business Growth

Filter the noise, unlock insights and build social capital

Little Bird’s influence marketing platform makes it easy to find the people and content that matter most to your business—and drive growth across all your digital channels.

Build brand awareness and extend relevant reach

Whether you’re launching a new product or campaign or looking for early warning signals about trends and competitive threats, Little Bird can help you capitalize on social opportunities with the biggest potential impact.

  • Reduce the time and cost of identifying influencers
  • Connect with credible, relevant influencers to amplify reach
  • Target hard-to-reach niche audiences
  • Monitor and measure social connections at scale

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Our customers are using Little Bird to change market perception, enter new markets and grow more quickly.

  • Comcast
  • Iron Mountain
  • Heinz Marketing
  • Avaya
  • Deltek
  • KBS+
  • Voce Communications

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Intro to Little Bird

Flip through this quick tour to find out how Little Bird works, and how it’s different from other influencer marketing and engagement tools:

  • How Little Bird ranks influence
  • Why peer validation means more than mass popularity
  • How automating discovery and analysis saves hours every week

Analyze connections and content on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and more

Influence marketing may start with building a list, but it doesn’t stop there. Little Bird reveals how you, your customers and your competitors are connected with influencers on any relevant topic. See which insiders you should focus on engaging with and take advantage of missed opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Focus resources on your best opportunities

Modern marketing and sales teams understand that the internet, big data and social networks have changed the rules of the game. Little Bird helps you gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Influence Marketing
Buyers don’t trust brands—they trust people they know and respect. Use Little Bird to quickly identify the insiders who influence your market, from perception to purchase.
Content Marketing
From creating demand to closing deals, content is currency in today’s marketing and sales. With Little Bird you can curate, create and distribute the best content early.
Social Sales
The relationship between buyers and sellers has fundamentally changed. Little Bird helps you expand your reach, connect with prospects and build your own influence faster.
Market Intelligence
New market trends and competitive threats are often hidden within topical social networks and niche communities. Little Bird’s software and API illuminate the opportunities.

What people are saying about Little Bird


Jay Baer
Marketing leader,
NYT best-selling author

“Amazing tool for keeping tabs on thought leaders about anything.”

Jill Rowley
Social selling evangelist

“I seriously haven’t been this excited about an app in a very long time. So powerful, yet dead simple.”

Joe Chernov
VP of Content, Hubspot

“Little Bird might just become a content marketer’s most powerful weapon.”

Katie Delahaye Paine
CEO, Paine Publishing

“The best new thing in measurement.”

Latest Posts from Little Bird


Now Hiring: Customer Success Team Member

  • 20 October 2014
  • By MJ

Do you believe that the social web is transforming the world - but has the potential to make even greater impact in the future? Do you love to learn, to compete, to help others learn and to win?

If so, we’d like to invite you to grow your career by joining Portland’s high-flying data startup Little Bird. Founded by former journalist Marshall Kirkpatrick, backed by world-famous investors like Mark Cuban and built by a team of fun loving, hard working, fast learning people aimed to change the social web - Little Bird has won the attention of marketing and sales professionals all around the world.

We’ve got 5 of the Fortune 50 as early customers, we’ve got incredible new capabilities we’re bringing to market and we’ve got a network of supporters that any startup would be envious of, in or outside Silicon Valley.

What do we do? We help people discover new voices, new insights and new opportunities on the social web, quickly and efficiently. We turn social media into a profit center for sales and marketing organizations.



As Little Bird’s next Customer Success Team Member, you will:

Guide prospective and current customers in the effective use and understanding of Little Bird capabilities and offerings to support their initial purchase and ongoing renewal of services. Our Customer’s success is our success - and believing that mantra is essential to this role.

Collaborate to help shape team goals, activities, and practices to continuously augment the effective use and understanding of Little Bird capabilities and offerings. Little Bird offers competitive compensation and benefits.


Essential Responsibilities

  • Engage in and track support conversations with prospective and current customers to increase their understanding and use of Little Bird capabilities and offerings via multiple channels, including live chat, email, social media, and direct contact
  • Help to ensure Customer conversions and renewals
  • Identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling
  • Collaborate to provide social media research and engagement consulting and services to Little Bird customers
  • Collaborate to help create and enhance user guidance materials
  • Collaborate to help create and perfect support, communication, and tracking systems and practices to increase customer acquisition and retention and build team efficiency
  • Elicit and collect user feedback to inform product development
  • Know our Customers, their needs, and their challenges to position our offerings and help them solve real business problems and exceed their goals every day



  • Passion for Customer-centric approach in all things
  • Fantastic communication skills, spoken and written, in multiple channels and media
  • Deep understanding of and personal experience in the value of social engagement online
  • A strong work ethic and consistent follow-through
  • An ability to convert challenges into opportunities
  • A willingness to adapt based on input from colleagues and changing circumstances
  • Shared culture and values with the Little Bird team
  • Full-time work availability
  • Work from an office in Portland, Oregon
  • Prior work experience in the fields of tech, client service, marketing, advertising, journalism, or public relations
  • Prior experience convincing and/or teaching people to do things
  • Experience in a startup environment


Apply Now

Email resume and cover letter to Thanks, we look forward to meeting you!

Who To Know at Dreamforce - Finding Your Connections Online

  • 13 October 2014
  • By Marshall Kirkpatrick

Who are the super-connected people among the crowds at Dreamforce? You might be standing right next to one and not even know it - until now.

Matt Heinz of Heinz Consulting Matt Heinz, one of the world's very top experts in marketing automation and social selling, likes to run Little Bird reports analyzing the online communities around all the events that he and his clients go to.

Dreamforce is no different, but this year we partnered with Matt to offer a personalized version of the sample Little Bird report you see below.

Dreamforce14 Analysis Slideshare

Here's Matt's post about the top 50 influencers at the event - as measured by connection to their peers online. These are the most-listened-to members of the Dreamforce community - by other members of the Dreamforce community.

Get your own personalized copy of the report above

  • Plug in your company's Twitter handle and your contact info below, and we'll make a copy of this report with you in it, just like Matt appears with his connections analyzed on the 6th page.
  • PLUS - in addition to the top 50 people at Dreamforce, your personalized report will include a list of the top 20 COMPANIES (beyond Salesforce) who are the most influential corporate members of the Dreamforce community.

Social selling: How to rock your prep for any call with Little Bird influencer research

  • 30 September 2014
  • By Marshall Kirkpatrick

Before every call and meeting we have with external companies, we fire up a few relevant Little Bird reports and super-charge our preparation with graph-powered research. These small steps can deliver big wins fast.

Many Little Bird users who practice social selling do this kind of research already, but I think it can be super helpful for everyone.

Here's how you can do it. You can follow all of these steps on your desktop or your mobile web browser.

Influencer Marketing: Avoid Pitfalls & Tap into Deeper Value

  • 21 September 2014
  • By Carmen Hill

Influencer marketing can help spread the word about your brand and expose your content to a much broader audience. But brand advocacy is only the tip of the iceberg. There's much deeper value just below the surface.

Full-Circle Influencer Marketing: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg

Identifying and reaching influencers is important, but it's just one small part of the deeper value that a strategic approach can deliver, with the ultimate goal of earned advocacy. Much like earned media, Little Bird CEO Marshall Kirkpatrick says earned advocacy is the the most valuable (and, possibly, elusive) outcome of influencer marketing. But there are pitfalls.

In his talk at Hubspot's INBOUND conference last week, Marshall shared his perspective on how to avoid those pitfalls—think cold, irrelevant pitches—and successfully engage with influencers.

You can listen in on Marshall's expert advice by registering for his webinar on Wednesday, September 24 (9am Pacific). Reserve your seat now!

Photo by Arslan – Creative Commons Photo by Arslan – Creative Commons

When done right, advocacy creates a virtuous circle that builds social capital and pays ongoing dividends for your business. But this circle runs counter-clockwise, and it doesn't start with pitching influencers.

Step 1. Listen to the smartest people in your field

Start by doing a little research. Gather market intelligence through the eyes of others. "Ask an influential person to talk about you and you'll be happy for a day," Marshall says. "Learn to listen to the best and you'll capture business value all year long."

Step 2. Create, curate and share the best content

Dig deeper on what others have to offer. For example, read what your customers, prospects and thought leaders in your field are reading. Contribute to the conversation.

Step 3. Build relationships that lead to earned advocacy

Finally, be genuinely curious, purposeful and generous as you build relationships. For example, when I recently met Pam Didner, an influential expert in global content marketing, the very first thing she said was, "How can I help you?" Now that's a great way to start a conversation!

For too many marketers, influencer marketing or advocacy begins and ends with finding the most popular influencers and hitting them up for a favor. As Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing, recently said, "The day to start recruiting influencers is not on the day you need them."

Ready to take your influencer marketing to a deeper level? Don't miss Marshall's webinar. Register now to attend or to view the recording and slides.

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