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Influence marketing. Market intelligence. Content marketing. Social sales.

Finding the people online who are truly relevant to your business is not only time-consuming, but also subjective and difficult to scale.

Let Little Bird do the heavy lifting. Our social intelligence software helps you filter the noise, unlock insights and build social capital—not just to win at popularity, but to win at business.

  • Get more bang from your digital marketing budget
  • Target campaigns to the most relevant audiences
  • Monitor and measure connections at scale

Influencer identification is only the beginning.

Future-focused network discovery and analysis give you a bird’s eye view of emerging trends, opportunities and risks. Go beyond keyword monitoring and discover the business value in what happens next.

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Our customers are using Little Bird to change market perception, enter new markets and grow more quickly.

  • Comcast
  • Iron Mountain
  • Heinz Marketing
  • Avaya
  • Deltek
  • KBS+
  • Voce Communications


Focus resources on your best opportunities.
Modern marketing and sales teams understand that the internet, big data and social networks have changed the rules of the game. Little Bird helps you gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Influence Marketing
Buyers don’t trust brands—they trust people they know and respect. Use Little Bird to quickly identify the insiders who influence your market, from perception to purchase.
Content Marketing
From creating demand to closing deals, content is currency in today’s marketing and sales. With Little Bird you can curate, create and distribute the best content early.
Social Sales
The relationship between buyers and sellers has fundamentally changed. Little Bird helps you expand your reach, connect with prospects and build your own influence faster.
Market Intelligence
New market trends and competitive threats are often hidden within topical social networks and niche communities. Little Bird’s software and API illuminate the opportunities.

Social Intelligence Software & Services

Influence marketing may start with building a list, but it doesn’t stop there. Little Bird reveals how you, your customers and your competitors are connected with influencers on any relevant topic. See which insiders you should focus on engaging with and take advantage of missed opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise see.

What people are saying about Little Bird…

Jay Baer
Marketing leader,
NYT best-selling author

“Amazing tool for keeping tabs on thought leaders about anything.”

Jill Rowley
Social selling evangelist

“I seriously haven’t been this excited about an app in a very long time. So powerful, yet dead simple.”

Joe Chernov
VP of Content, Hubspot

“Little Bird might just become a content marketer’s most powerful weapon.”

Katie Delahaye Paine
CEO, Paine Publishing

“The best new thing in measurement.”

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